The Impacts of vandalism

At least Nighthawks have crypsis on their side.

Awhile back, Pacific Rim Conservation posted this story about the disturbing death of albatrosses.  I would like to think that this could never happen again, but sadly, I have seen vandalism of rooftop nighthawk nest sites.  Now that we are nearing July 4th, I feel it’s important to explain that it is damaging to throw fireworks at rooftop nighthawk nests.  Sometimes people harass wildlife because they are bored and think they can get away with it.  I want to share the wonder of bird nests, and events like these induce me to keep these nests cryptic. But, instead I keep writing about nighthawks. They deserve it.


A Child’s Perspective

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how how children interact with nature, free of the scientific method, with no concern about anthropomorphism, just pure exploration. Observational studies sometimes get a bad rap, but for most of us, that’s how we started. Darwin’s children certainly understood this perspective.