Want to help?

There are two survey networks currently for nightjars.  They’re always looking for more volunteers.


If you live in the U.S., contact the Nightjar Survey Network here.

If you live in Canada, contact Wild Research here.


Finding Nightjars

Common nighthawks, Eastern Whip-poor-wills, Chuck will’s widows, and Common poorwills are all North American members of the nightjar family Caprimulgidae.  This is one of the families that make up the order Caprimulgiformes.  All are terrific at camouflage which can vex those who study them.  To give you a taste, try the Where is That Nightjar game!

Or try to find the nighthawk in this picture.


Here it is.

20150701_151508 (1)

I know, that’s unfair.  Here it is.

20150701_151508 (1)