Phenology mismatch

Phenology mismatch means that migrating animals are missing the window of abundance for their food. This is due to climate change that is making springs come early for plants and insects, and the animals that consume them that are migrating from the south are unaware. Now we know that this is affecting populations of birds.

Observation affects reality

A nighthawk female defends her nest from me.

That which we study is inevitably affected by our presence. This is something that I considered when setting my nest check protocol. The typical interval for checks is 3-5 days. However, nighthawk rooftop nests are visited frequently by maintenance workers, construction workers, window washers and helicopters. So, instead I opted for the 6-7 day interval and left nest cameras to monitor the time between my visits.

This concept, that observation affects reality, is nothing new. Physics has a long history of addressing this.