Aerialists in Decline


The Consultation by Anna Magruder

Previously, I mentioned the decline of aerial insectivores, a guild of animals that includes swifts, swallows, nighthawks and bats. Now we have another smoking gun in the decline of aerial insects. Clearly, we have an entire ecosystem in trouble.

Creativity in Science, la segunda parte

Recently, I ran across this TED video Boniato Studios in Spain produced on whale song. They produce other such videos, like this one on tardigrades and this one on the search for life elsewhere in the universe. Bravo to TED, the scientists involved and Boniato!

See my previous post about creativity on science here.

The Life of a Biologist


Coho Salmon, Gyrfalcon, Coyote, Sage Grouse, Black-footed Ferret, Swift Fox, Piping Plover, Black-capped Chickadee, White tailed Deer, Striped Skunk, Yuma Rail, Western Grebe, Island Fox, Cutthroat Trout, Motmot, and Sloth.

Often, biologists work many years as a seasonal worker, moving from assignment to assignment. Above is a piece I made for some friends cataloging the many places they have worked and the organisms with which they have worked.

Snow Leopards


Snow leopards, Bar-headed geese, Blue Sheep, Himalayan Gentian in the Himalayas.

I recently sold a piece of my art to friends whose family has been active in the Snow Leopard Trust, a conservation organization that works in snow leopard habitat in Asia and works on zoo breeding programs. They sold it at a silent auction, and the proceeds can pay for “two kids to go to eco-camp, or buys a GPS unit for our frontline field staff, or provides training in conservation handicrafts for one woman”, they said.