The Snowy Life


We spend a lot of time as biologists exposing people, other scientists and the public, to the life that surrounds us that is hidden — animals that have camouflage, or mysterious internal physiology, interactions and ecological processes. One of the most difficult things to talk about are the organisms that make their living during a time we often think is sleepy, quiet, or dead — the winter. But many animals  share our world even in the winter when we think our snowy slopes are free to ski. This study highlights how that affects the Canada lynx. Something to think about even during the summer.

Pesticides at Home


I spent this spring cleaning up and planting in my new garden. It was tempting at times to apply herbicides to creeping plants between the sidewalk cracks and to the new flower beds I was planning for pollinators. But there are other household products that we can avoid that also have become so common, neonicotinoids. American Bird Conservancy has made this handy video explaining why.